Adding a Literature Rack Can Enhance Worship

A literature rack in the lobby of your church can provide easily accessible information about your beliefs to visitors, as well as give those of your congregation a simple resource for sharing your message. Additionally, it can be a source of inspiration and direction while also providing local church updates, and can ultimately enhance the worship and fellowship of your congregation.

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Pew Pew Pews

I have fond memories of attending church services as a child, though it was a constant struggle for my parents to keep five kids quiet and non-disruptive. How do you keep kids focused in church? This was difficult. What child can get all their wiggles out and sit still for longer than a minute? However, my father had a great way of keeping us occupied on our pew bench.

Every year for Christmas, Santa Claus would leave a cardboard “story book” full of rolls of Lifesaver candies in my father’s stocking. And every Sunday, we’d make our way to our self-designated church bench, hard and unyielding, in the back, right corner of the chapel. We knew we had to be good until after the Sacrament, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to get the rolls of candy my father put in his suit jacket pocket. But the rigid wood inflicting pain on our tailbones made it difficult to stay in one spot. After the Sacrament, he would pull them out of his pocket as we waited eagerly for what flavors would be dealt. Continue reading

The Benefits of Solid Oak in New and Used Church Pews

We thought we would take some time today to discuss the benefits of oak in the construction of  church pews. At Born Again Pews, everything we make is constructed of solid oak. We truly believe in quality, and quality starts with your materials. By building our products out of this beautiful hardwood, we are able to give you pews that can be passed down for generations.

One of our favorite varieties for making church furniture is white oak, which is actually 16 different varieties lumped into one category. This wood is truly a remarkable specimen of nature. It can be found across the continental United States from Northern Minnesota all the way down to Florida. It is a hardwood tree that can far outlast us with some oak trees living up to 450 years, according to scientific findings. Continue reading

Restoring Church Pews

Restoring church pews can be an excellent way to both save money and add an element of historic charm to your church. Church pews have a character of their own and replacing them with newly constructed ones can be wasteful and a disservice to the beautiful construction and love that was put into their original craftsmanship.

A pew constructed with hardwoods often only needs to be refurbished in order to bring out its original character and beauty. In this article, we will go over the steps and processes that are involved in refurbishing a church pew and how you can once again bring out the natural shine of your church’s furniture. Continue reading

Used Church Pews Began a Ministry

Born Again Pews got it’s start by buying and selling used church pews to help churches across the nation save money, make better use of their offerings, and to better serve their congregations. Rex Blisard, owner, feels that serving others is a great way to honor God, and he personally goes on most of the delivery and installation trips to make sure the service is quality and sincere. All the products made by Born Again Pews are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Continue reading

Finding the Best in Church Pews for Sale

church pews

You know what it’s like, trying to get your family roused from bed and ready for church before the sermon starts. The kids are rowdy and you dread that they will continue this behavior all morning, let alone the chapel itself. You ran out of milk, the clothes didn’t finish drying last night, and your oldest child still isn’t out of bed. Teenagers. As you finally get shoes tied and scriptures in your bag, you race out the driveway, throwing a tie over your shoulder to the groggy teen behind you. With five minutes to go, your family heads for the back bench, the one that creaks and wobbles on one side so you all have to cram towards the wall for comfort. Continue reading

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5 Things to Look for in Church Pews

Is your church looking for pews? Whether you are setting up in a new building and need brand new everything or are simply looking to replace the old pews in your current location, you’ll need to stay within your budget. This can sometimes make the search a tough one, but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s what to look for in church pew companies to make sure that you get the best quality and don’t overpay:

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1.  Solid hardwood construction – Every church has different needs, and there is nothing wrong with choosing a more modern style of church pews. Continue reading

Summer Pew Tour With Born Again Pews

It has been a busy summer here at Born Again Pews.  We are ending the summer pew run just as we started it, busy.  We have been burning up the highways, criss-crossing the country.  The end of July found us close to home.  We were 230 miles from home in Watonga, OK at the Blaine County Courthouse.  Cynthia Scheffler was there to greet us, excited about the benches they were receiving.  We were excited to be a part of the remodel of this courthouse that was built in 1906.  It is always a privilege to be part of something as historic as this building.

blaine county ch

Next up, we headed south to Wichita Falls, TX and Allendale Baptist Church.  There we met Warren Hall, the pastor of the church.  Continue reading