If you’re trying to renovate your church, the biggest struggle you’re likely to encounter isn’t deciding which church pews are best but raising the money to buy them. The collection plate during services might not be enough to get the capital you need to renovate your church’s interior. We’ve rounded up a list of ideas to help with fundraising.

  1. Rummage sale
  2. Bake sale
  3. Candle-lit dinner for a Community Date Night
  4. Roving pink flamingos
  5. Calendars
  6. Church cookbook
  7. Golf tournament
  8. Rubber duck race
  9. Special night at a local restaurant where part of profits go to church
  10. Community craft fair
  11. Flower sales for holidays
  12. Custom t-shirts and accessories
  13. Pledge events (walk-a-thon, etc)
  14. Raffles and Auctions
  15. Christmas ornament sales
  16. Custom coffee mugs
  17. Custom aprons
  18. Christmas photo booth
  19. Tour your choir to other churches
  20. Summer festival with admission
  21. Band night (great for teen outreach too!)
  22. Church garden farm stand
  23. Catfish, crawfish, clam, BBQ dinner
  24. Easter eggs
  25. Gala and dinner
  26. Special speaker series
  27. Mother’s Day flowers
  28. Quilt sale
  29. Girls Night-In at Church (manicures, massages, pedicures, etc)
  30. Crosses
  31. Thanksgiving dinner
  32. Trivia night
  33. Christmas caroling
  34. Spare change drive
  35. Product sales (candy bars, wrapping paper, magazines)

We hope that this list gives your church some new fundraising ideas to get the community involved in your church’s renovation. If you do a great job with your event, it might even become an annual tradition that the community comes to love and expect every year—there’s nothing better than being able to depend on a revenue stream from a fundraising event every year!

If you’re considering new church pews, we can give you a free quote on how much you need to fundraise for your church’s new pews so you have a goal to work towards. Typically fundraising is easier if people know where the money is going, instead of just to a general fund. Your church family might be excited about working toward the amount you need for your new pews!