Thank you for taking the time to look at Born Again Pews (BAP) for your church pew manufacture needs. I want to take this time to tell you a little about myself and how we became a church pew manufacture. First off let me say that my wife and I are born again, Bible believing, washed in the blood Christians. We founded BAP in 2005 as a ministry. At that time we bought and sold used Church Pews all over the United States so we could help churches save money.

Before long, we realized there was a huge need for a line of affordable church pews for smaller congregations. We learned that some church pew manufacture tack a surcharge on small churches, or avoid working with them because the profits may be smaller. Don’t get me wrong– I have no problem with someone making a living. We just have a different viewpoint.

At BAP we realize that every dollar that comes through our door came through an offering plate. In other words, someone gave this money to be used for the betterment of Gods Kingdom. We put God first in all we do, so this means a lot to us!

With all of this in mind, my wife and I started the process of building new church pews to suit all kinds of churches. We were selling used old pews, so we saw new pews and we also saw how they held up after years of use. This extensive experience prepared us to create the best possible church pews at the best possible price at our furniture store.

There are no salesmen in our company. Every chair, old and new pews, and pulpit we sell is sold direct from the factory. Our customer consultant will help you in the design of your pews and church furniture. I go on over 90% of all our installations – try to find another pew company whose owner does this!  My wife Courtney answers the phone at our shop when you call. Since God started our new pew company, Born Again Pews continues to grow beyond our expectations. We install pews in large and small churches, and we have even shipped pews for sale to Canada and overseas. From 20 to 10,000, we can supply your needs.

We take pride in being a church pew manufacture that God has blessed and we want to pass that on to the churches that we serve. That is why we do not charge for book racks, card or cup holders, or traceries. We just ask that if your church does not need them, don’t ask for them. That decision will let us pass these blessings on to other churches.

I love my job and take pride in the products we sell. I often joke with churches that when you buy Church Pews from us, they get me with them so don’t be surprised when I stop in for lunch. Again, thank you for your interest in our company. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time. I pray that God be with you in your church building project. Thank you and God Bless.

Rex Blisard – Owner, Born Again Pews

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