Open Letter to the Mom with Small Children Sitting in the Pews

kids sitting on a church pew

Dear Mama,

As any parent will know, keeping small children quiet and entertained during church services is no easy task. From trying to restrain your kiddos from crawling around, to chasing them as they play under the benches and are running around the benches, we’ve all been there before. It’s tiring, it’s annoying, and it’s definitely embarrassing, especially if it seems like you are disturbing everyone else from having a peaceful worship.

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The Advantages of the Church Pew

church full of wooden pews

While several believers feel that church pews provide a sense of community during worship, others believe that chairs provide a sense of a more personal time of worship instead. Whatever your feelings may be on the function of church pews, here are some advantages that having pews offers.

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The Old Familiar Feeling of Church Pews


I, like many others, have many fond memories of sitting in Church every Sunday listening to the profound sermon that was being preached from the pulpit. Week after week as a young child I would spend Sunday afternoon sitting on a semi-comfortable church pew with my family, eagerly waiting for the sermon to end so I could go outside and play. As I grew older, I began to realize that those church benches where I spent every Sunday afternoon as far back as I can remember were more than just a seat to sit on during the service. Those church pews would eventually come to mean something so much more.
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Adding a Literature Rack Can Enhance Worship

A literature rack in the lobby of your church can provide easily accessible information about your beliefs to visitors, as well as give those of your congregation a simple resource for sharing your message. Additionally, it can be a source of inspiration and direction while also providing local church updates, and can ultimately enhance the worship and fellowship of your congregation.

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Pew Pew Pews

I have fond memories of attending church services as a child, though it was a constant struggle for my parents to keep five kids quiet and non-disruptive. How do you keep kids focused in church? This was difficult. What child can get all their wiggles out and sit still for longer than a minute? However, my father had a great way of keeping us occupied on our pew bench.

Every year for Christmas, Santa Claus would leave a cardboard “story book” full of rolls of Lifesaver candies in my father’s stocking. And every Sunday, we’d make our way to our self-designated church bench, hard and unyielding, in the back, right corner of the chapel. We knew we had to be good until after the Sacrament, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to get the rolls of candy my father put in his suit jacket pocket. But the rigid wood inflicting pain on our tailbones made it difficult to stay in one spot. After the Sacrament, he would pull them out of his pocket as we waited eagerly for what flavors would be dealt. Continue reading

The Benefits of Solid Oak in New and Used Church Pews

We thought we would take some time today to discuss the benefits of oak in the construction of  church pews. At Born Again Pews, everything we make is constructed of solid oak. We truly believe in quality, and quality starts with your materials. By building our products out of this beautiful hardwood, we are able to give you pews that can be passed down for generations.

One of our favorite varieties for making church furniture is white oak, which is actually 16 different varieties lumped into one category. This wood is truly a remarkable specimen of nature. It can be found across the continental United States from Northern Minnesota all the way down to Florida. It is a hardwood tree that can far outlast us with some oak trees living up to 450 years, according to scientific findings. Continue reading

Restoring Church Pews

Restoring church pews can be an excellent way to both save money and add an element of historic charm to your church. Church pews have a character of their own and replacing them with newly constructed ones can be wasteful and a disservice to the beautiful construction and love that was put into their original craftsmanship.

A pew constructed with hardwoods often only needs to be refurbished in order to bring out its original character and beauty. In this article, we will go over the steps and processes that are involved in refurbishing a church pew and how you can once again bring out the natural shine of your church’s furniture. Continue reading