Overview of church with furniture from Born Again Pews

Old Fashioned Hand Craftsmanship

Solid Oak Construction

Limited Liftime Factory Guarantee

“You will love our prices!”

John 3:7

Pew Styles

When ordering new pews, we have a number of pew ends to choose from. Take a look at our different pew end types (cantilever, full and colonial white) and styles. Each can be customized based on stain or paint color preferences. We can also build custom pew ends to match the exact style the church is looking for.

Each pew bench is made to order to match the pew end and the church’s style. We have a plethora of durable fabric options to choose from. Each pew is made with solid oak, thick cushioning, and built-in lumbar support.

Cantilever Ends

Our church pews with cantilever ends are built from solid red oak and provide a contemporary style for your congregation. Differences of cantilever pews and other pew styles are the cantilever pews offer a modern and contemporary style of worship. Cantilever pew ends can be accessorized with kneelers or book racks that accommodate for a variety of congregations.

Pew #1001

Pew #2001

Pew #2002

Pew #2004

Pew #3001

Pew #3003

 Pew #4003

Pew #5005

Full Ends

Full end church pews are an everlasting traditional pew style. Full end pews feature a comfortable and artistic style that creates a warm and welcoming worship space. This is a classic pew style that remains one of the most popular pew ends offered at Born Again Pews.  

Pew #2003

Pew #2005

Pew #3002

Wooden church pews with navy cushions

Pew #4001

Pew #4002

Pew #5002

Colonial White

The colonial white pew style is a pew that incorporates beauty and durability. This colonial style of pew has a robust base and a scuff-resistant coat to protect the finish. 

Pew #CW3002

Pew #CW3003

Pew #CW4003

Pew #CW4002

Pew #CW5002

Pew #CW5005

Thick Solid Red Oak Ends and Supports

Solid Oak Bookracks Included in Price

Upholstered Backside Standard


Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty

Solid Oak Trim and Cap Rails Standard

3/4 Cabinet Grade Plywood Seats and Backs


Church Furniture Pulpits

Pulpit Furniture: As the centerpiece for your congregation, Born Again Pews understands pulpit furniture is an important part of the worship experience. We offer various pulpit designs that positively influence the atmosphere for your congregation.6

Pulpit #8000 & Table #7005

Pulpit #9020 & Table #8015

Pulpit #8030

Pulpit #8070

Pulpit #8050 & Table #9070

Pulpit #8040

Pulpit #9040

Pulpit #8050

Pulpit #9500

Wooden pulpit with three crosses

Pulpit #9200

Church Furniture Tables

Table Furniture: We make matching communion tables, flower tables and more for the church furniture collection. The tables offer a dynamic addition to the worship experience.

Table #9085 (72″) or Table #9095 (84″)

Table #7005

Pulpit #9085 (72″) or Table #9095 (84″)

Table #9015

Table #9055

Table #9550

Church Furniture Chairs

Church Chairs: At Born Again Pews, we offer affordable church chairs designed to match your furniture. Chairs can provide extra seating for your congregation and/or seating for your church choir. With a wide variety of wood stains, our chairs are capable of matching any church furniture set.

Three church chairs with red cushions from Born Again Pews

Curved Top Chair

Long wooden church bench

Padded Prayer Alter

Straight Top Chair

Metal Chairs

Small church pew with red cushion

Custom Chairs

Other Church Furniture

We provide many other types of church furniture including but not limited to: Padded Prayer Alters, Lecterns, Wall Crosses, and Baptismal Fountains.

small wooden baptismal fountain

Baptismal Fountain

Portable wooden church lectern

Portable Lecturn

Lit up wooden cross hanging on the wall

Wall Cross