Church Pulpits

Your pulpit serves as the centerpiece for your congregation and an essential part of the worship experience. When new and familiar community members walk in, the pulpit is often the first thing they notice. It should look professional and beautiful, suiting the church, its style and its people. 

At Born Again Pews, we provide several pulpit designs that positively influence the atmosphere of your congregation. With our help, you can bring warmth to your worship with a traditional, modern or custom-made pulpit.

Browse our gallery for inspiration and contact us today to learn more about our master craftsmanship.

Pulpit #8000 & Table #7005

"Do This In Remembrance of Me" tall engraved church table and pulpit

Pulpit #9020 & Table #8015

Pulpit #8030

Wooden church pulpit with three crosses

Pulpit #8070

" Do In Remembrance of Me" engraved church table and pulpit

Pulpit #8050 & Table #9070

Light wood pulpit with a 3D cross

Pulpit #8040

Wooden church pulpit with 3D cross

Pulpit #9040

White and light wood church pulpit

Pulpit #8050

Beautiful white and brown wooden pulpit

Pulpit #9500

Pulpit #9200

Quality Materials for Longevity and Beauty

All of our products are made from quality oak and guaranteed to last you a lifetime. We take great pride in providing furnishings for your church that are durable and certain to make parishioners feel warm and at ease. The solid wood pulpits at Born Again pews are available in a variety of stains. We offer pulpits and pulpit furniture in natural stained or painted oak variations. Wood finishes include but are not limited to:

  • Walnut
  • Natural
  • Light Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Cherry

Customize Your Pulpit

Born Again Pews has created solid oak custom pulpits and pulpit furniture for churches nationwide. By choosing a unique design to complement your existing furniture, the architecture of your sanctuary and your congregation’s traditions, you can make an extraordinary statement. We take special care with every piece we craft to ensure everything is constructed to your complete satisfaction. Our goal is for our furniture to last a lifetime.

When it comes to a custom pulpit design, there are several directions you can take. First, you’ll want to consider the style of your church. Is it more traditional? Was the building just opened to the public? Once you have pinpointed the look, it’s time to decide on customization. Consider these factors:

  • Style: Most congregations prefer a classic rectangular pulpit. You can make a bigger statement on such an item with a wooden cross. Modern churches may want a newer pulpit design, like the podium-table combination. The podium stands in the table’s center, leaving the remaining side table space for a speaker’s materials.
  • Stain: Born Again Pews has a range of finishing stains that give your custom pulpit a stunning look. The stain you choose will pull the church furniture together and be a welcoming sight to your community. 
  • Paint: We offer paint as another finishing option. White paint is an exciting choice. Its beautiful finish adds to any modern or country church looking to freshen things up. The white color is pure and bright, giving the congregation a vibrant view on Sunday mornings. 
  • Engravings: Many churches like to incorporate words from the Bible onto their pulpits. The most popular quote references Jesus passing around the bread and wine in remembrance of him. If your church has an upbuilding message, have it engraved onto the pulpit. You can also have crosses carved on the front.

Matching Pulpit Chairs Available

If you need pulpit chairs to match your new pulpit, we can help. We produce beautiful church chairs with 18 gauge steel square tubing and Polyolefin fiber, a sturdy fabric that can withstand years of use and resist stains. The steel tubing is fillet welded together. The seat is padded and covered with Polyolefin fiber, and the back cover also has Polyolefin fabric. You can choose from a range of finishes and fiber colors. 

We Can Build Furniture to Match Your Pulpit or Match Your Pulpit to Your Furniture

There are several other furnishings we can build to complement your pulpit. For example, our tables come in the same range of finishes. Place your custom table at the front of the church and decorate it with flowers and candles. You can also use tables to highlight seasonal decor, like a Nativity scene around Christmas. Our furniture can be designed to best match the furniture you already have in the church so everything comes together beautifully for the congregation.

Are you looking for new pews to complement your pulpit? Born Again Pews is known for the quality craftsmanship we put into every pew order. We can make your pews to match the pulpit you already have or match your new pulpit to the existing pews in your church. Whatever your church needs, we have the experience and tools to exceed your expectations.

Contact Our Consultant

Our master craftsmen build furniture to suit the needs of various churches. When you are ready to transform your church with furniture from Born Again Pews, contact us. We strive to produce the highest quality furniture for your church while cutting unnecessary costs. The result is a beautifully furnished church that your community can be proud of. 

The best part is that the design is all up to you. Whether you want a unique wood stain or an entirely custom-made pulpit, we’ll bring your congregation together with sturdy, beautiful furniture you can rely on for years to come. Choose from one of our designs and customize it further or contact us about a completely custom pulpit. Reach out online to request a free estimate today.

Customizing your pulpit is easy at Born Again Pews. We offer a variety of pulpit styles and wood stains to create the centerpiece for your congregation.

We can make matching pulpit chairs. We also carry chairs that are customizable, stackable and available in a variety of colors that can be used for a variety of purposes.

We offer the ability to customize your church tables or choose from a standard collection.
Born Again Pews offers extra church furniture such as flower stands, announcement boards, kneelers, and baptismal fountains.