Refurbished & Used Church Pews

Welcome to Born Again Pews for the Used Church Pews . If you are in the market for Used Pews, Chancel Furniture or Church Chairs, we can help. Our offerings are changing on a regular basis so make sure to check back often. If you don’t see the old church pews that fit your needs then contact us, we may have a listing that is not on the website that will work for you. As a New Church Pew Manufacture, we constantly have a source of Used Church Pews.  Sometimes the old church pews for sale are of decent quality and will work in different situations.  We also offer pew upholstery and pew installation services so if you have found what you are looking for but the pews are in need of sprucing up and installation we can help with that as well. If you are looking for a High Quality, Affordable, New Pew we offer the Best Quality, Best Priced, New Pews on the market. Give us a call and let us help you with your Used or New Pew needs.

Church pews last a long time — especially when they’re made of solid oak, the way Born Again Pews makes them. If you need to update or refurbish your pews, we have the skills to make them look new again.

We also sometimes have used old or refurbished church pews for sale at a discount. Call us to discuss your needs.

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