What a week we had in Fowler, Colorado!!!! We just got back from a missions trip with our church. We went to help out Solid Rock Baptist and Pastor BJ Ballard.  It was an awesome experience. We planted lots of seeds and added 6 new people to the rolls of Heaven.  Fowler was such a nice little town, sort of reminded me of Mayberry. The people were very friendly and helpful. I was able to even spend time and get to know Mayor Pat. He was a great guy and actually gave my wife a neat souvenir from there. Our church carried out bible schools in the morning and evening at two different towns, Olney Springs and Fowler. We looked like a traveling circus. We would show up at the parks and pull out tables and tents and put on the bible school. When we were done we tore it down and went to the next place. On Tuesday we passed out fliers for Solid Rocks revival that they are having in Olney Springs. So proud of our youth, they just went right up to the doors of strangers and talked about Jesus. It was so awesome. On Friday we had the opportunity to spend the day at the top of Pikes Peak. It was a blast. If you ever have an opportunity to serve on a missions trip, I urge you to do it. You will be forever blessed!!! Remember Jesus Loves You!!!!!