John 3:3 “You must be born again.”


“We believe that honoring God involves serving His people wholeheartedly. With this commitment, we offer our finest craftsmanship at affordable prices. Our church furniture and pews are designed for quality, comfort, and durability, enhancing your worship experience. Additionally, we stand firmly behind our products, ensuring a lifetime of service.

As Romans 12:11 reminds us: ‘Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.’”

Church Furniture & Church Pews

Born Again Pews is a church furniture company dedicated to providing high-quality products and services for congregations in need of furniture. Based in Kansas, Oklahoma, we specialize in designing, and building custom church pews, tables, chairs, and pulpits. Our company is founded on a passion for serving those who need durable, comfortable, and long-lasting church furniture.

At Born Again Pews, we handcraft custom church pews, pew ends, pulpits, chairs, and various other church furniture items. We use solid red oak for all our designs, ensuring a timeless, beautiful finish due to its heavy and hard nature. All our products come with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.
Founded in 2005, Born Again Pews aims to help smaller churches save money while accessing quality church furniture. We offer customizable church products to meet the unique needs of each congregation, allowing smaller churches to personalize their furniture to match their worship style.

Church Pews

“We specialize in meticulously crafting church pews from solid red oak. Our selection includes a variety of end styles to perfectly complement your church’s requirements.” 

Church Pulpits

“Each of our pulpits is meticulously crafted to complement the unique worship space of the church we serve. We provide many choices between a standard pulpit designs to a fully customized option, ensuring a harmonious and inspiring setting.” 

Church Chairs

“We offer two different types of chairs: full oak pastor and deacon stage chairs, as well as multifunctional choir-style stackable chairs.