At Born Again Pews, our consultants will help you make the perfect choice of pews for your church or worship center. New or refurbished pews are one of the biggest investments your congregation will make, and you probably will only choose church pews once in your lifetime. Considering the right factors before you order your pews will help you make sure that you have exactly the worship furniture you need.

Here are the factors you should take into account:

  • Space How large is your sanctuary, and how many people are there in your congregation? Since we deliver and install pews as well as designing and building them, we can help you arrange your pews in the best possible way. However, you should have the numbers ready.
  • Architectural style The visual style of your pews should complement the architectural style of your sanctuary, as well as any worship furniture, such as a pulpit or communion table, you already have and plan to keep in the sanctuary.
  • Worship style Your worship style affects not only whether you choose a classic or a contemporary style, but also the accessories, such as kneelers or hymnal holders, you need to include.
  • Community Consider whether your congregation includes elderly people, children, or individuals with special needs when you plan the style of the pews, the fabrics, and the height.
  • Future plans What kind of growth are you anticipating? What size of choir do you expect to have in coming years? While Born Again Pews can always work with you to add more pews , it makes sense to plan ahead.
  • Budget Your budget is important, but it shouldn’t be your first thought. Decide exactly what you want and need, and then let us help you fit the wants and needs of your church into the budget available.

We’ll be going into depth on these points in the upcoming series of posts. Choosing the right pews for your church is important — but it doesn’t have to be difficult.