There are a lot of ways to raise money for your church–capital campaigns, bake and rummage sales, collections–but there’s one way to raise money that is specific to church pews that can really make your fundraising a whole lot more successful if you church is in dire need of new pews. Families can “buy” a church pew.

It seems a bit counter intuitive to think of someone buying seat in a church, especially since God welcomes us all in his house and would never ask someone to buy a seat in church. However, the Lord encourages us to provide for others and extend the His word in whatever ways we can. Families who can afford to buy a church pew can extend the message by providing seating for those who wish to come and participate in church. Typically a pew has more than enough room for a family and a few visitors and is the perfect embodiment of the congregation welcoming newcomers.

Many people like to leave legacies behind in the form of physical objects that will stand the test of time, especially in memory of loved ones in cherished or important places. It’s easy to spot a park bench with a placard dedicating to a loved one overlooking a favorite spot. The same can be applied to churches and if you should find your funds are coming up short for much needed church pew renovations, it’s a great way to get your church excited about donating money.

Extend an offer to your congregation that for each family that gives enough funds for a church pew, a placard will be placed in a name they choose on the back or side of the pew that will remain in place forever. This particular approach appeals to people who like to be thanked for their contributions or like to see their name or the name of a family member associated with their donations. Of course, there will be individuals who can’t afford to donate the money needed for a whole pew or those who wish to remain anonymous. However, placards like this can really help drive a fundraiser.

We can install placards of your choice onto any of our pews, on the pew ends or pew backs.