Church tables are probably the last thing on your mind when you’re thinking about getting new church furniture and church pews but just as with communion tables, you’ll want to match your church’s tables to the other furniture in your church. We always build our tables out of solid oak to make sure they’ll last the test of time and stay with your church as long as you need them.

When you’re selecting your church table, make sure to know what the table is going to be used for, how many you’ll need, and where the table will be placed.

Knowing what you’ll need the table for can help you make decisions on all the other important aspects of picking out a church table. If you’re going to use the table to hold flowers near the altar, you’ll want a smaller table that’s meant for the job. But if you want a table in the back for ushers for their supplies, like programs, offering trays, and communion supplies, you’ll want a much larger table that has space for everything needed. Another type of table you might consider are offering tables at the entryway so your congregation members can take care of offerings before the services start or at the end. You might also want a welcome table at the entrance of your church for congregation members to drop off supplies for coffee and snacks after service.

Once you’ve determined the table’s use, you’ll want to think about the size and style as well as how many you’ll need. Flower tables can be small and look like pillars and you’ll often need two or more of these types of tables. Tables for ushers need to be deep and wide and sturdy and you might need more than one depending on how many entrances you have to your church. Offering tables, however, should be more decorative and be able to hold an offering plate with ample room so there aren’t any accidents. You’ll also want to match your table in style to your pews and church architecture so make sure to look for similar styles as the type of pews you’re considering.

Last, you’ll want to make sure the table fits! We always say, measure twice, cut once and the same goes for your tables. Make sure that the table is going to fit both where it’s used and where it’ll be stored, if storage is necessary. We can come up with creative solutions for tables if you don’t have a lot of storage space but you’ll always want to make sure your tables fit where they’re supposed to fit.

If you’d like to see what types and styles of tables we offer, you can look at our catalog or give us a call.