One of the ways churches serve their communities in by performing wedding ceremonies — and wedding season is coming up fast. While it’s not your responsibility to provide decorations, it’s important to set guidelines for the happy couple so they know what they can and can’t do so your church furniture is still intact and in the same condition after a wedding. Setting expectations before the ceremony will help iron out any misunderstandings that might arise and reduce the amount of stress the bridal party will be under on their big day.

Pew decorations should always be hung or attached to pews in such a way that no holes or sticky residue from adhesives are left behind. Typically, it’s recommended for pew end decorations to be tied on with a piece of fabric, tulle, or ribbon so damage isn’t done to the finish of the pew. Although solid oak pews like ours are tough and can withstand a lot of abuse, harsh materials like thick wire can cause damage to the wood or finish. Florists are generally skilled in using appropriate materials but brides and their planners should be informed before they schedule their wedding of the best ways to attach pew decorations to avoid damage.

As well as decorations on the pews themselves, brides might ask for cloth runners, candles, or flower petals along the main aisle. You’ll want to make sure that brides use cloth that won’t transfer color or stain your carpeting or flooring and that petals are cleaned up after the ceremony is over so they don’t cause damage. Many churches do not permit the use of candle that may drip wax onto flooring in decorations or may not allow candles at all and you’ll want to underline your church’s policy during any meetings with the wedding planners, bridal party, and florists. Wax can severely damage wooden flooring and wooden pews and wax should be removed promptly to avoid damage as much as possible.

While weddings are joyful events, they can quickly become a disaster for your church’s furniture if a wedding party decides to do things that will damage your church furniture and pews. Make sure to have agreements written and signed and to outline what happens in the event that damage is done and needs to be repaired.  Having clear guidelines will help prevent damage to your church furniture and an unhappy bride.