Born Again Pews church pew seats are upholstered with olefin fabrics. These fabrics highly durable and can stand up to years and years of use but you’ll still want to care for your church pews to make them last as long as possible. We recommended vacuuming your church pew seats every so often to keep your fabrics in top condition. But what happens when they become soiled with spills, wax, or grime? If you’re looking how to clean church pews, try these different solutions for common problems:

Liquid Spills on Church Pews

Try to attend to spills and clean church pews as soon as possible so they don’t set and stain your fabrics. While olefin is resistant to stains, no fabric is completely impervious. Make sure to dab up as much of the spill as possible and use a spot treatment that is for olefin fabrics. You should test the cleaner on an inconspicuous spot first to make sure it doesn’t damage the color or fabric. Make sure to get as much cleaner out as possible after removing the stain because they can cause fabrics to break down more quickly. Whenever you’re cleaning your church pews, always use a dabbing motion instead of rubbing, no matter how tempting it is. Rubbing with solvents can damage fabrics and cause pilling.

Dust and Grime on Church Pews

Dust and grime buildup will happen over time and the best way to combat it is by regular cleanings. Use a vacuum attachment to suck away all the dust on a regular basis so it doesn’t work its way into the church pew padding. If not, it might leave your church pews smelling a bit musty. Keeping clean church pews will also keep your church looking great. Grime on church pews can be a problem so try washing with water gently first. If it doesn’t come off, try a cleaner.

Candle Wax on Church Pews

Candle wax is a problem many churches struggle with, especially after candlelight vigils or other special ceremonies involving candles. Clean church pews can look spotty because of candle wax that was never removed. If you’ve got a wax spill you’re unsure how to clean up, check out this handy tutorial. We also recommend wearing gloves if you’re using dry-cleaning solvent as a last resort because it is very strong. If you’re worried about candle wax spills on your church pews, you can avoid it altogether by restricting the use of candles in wedding ceremonies and keeping candles away from pews during other uses of candles throughout the church year.