Marshall recently put the finishing touches on a privacy screen we installed in Holy Cross located in Wagoner, Oklahoma, that matches their other church furniture. Wagoner has some interesting history: it was the first community to be incorporated in Indian Territory. At the intersection of two railway lines, Wagoner quickly grew up as a location to service the railway. They built a privately funded courthouse that housed the U.S. Western District court and because of this, Wagoner became a powerful community before Oklahoma was even a state. After the Dawes Commission allowed individuals to own land in Indian Territory, a right previously only allowed for tribal councils, Wagoner grew to a sizable community in Indian Territory.

But, as with many communities that get their power from being center of transportation, Wagoner’s boom ended when one of the two railway lines that intersected in Wagoner was moved to Muskogee in 1913. The community kept growing even so, and benefits now from being on the edge of Fort Gibson Lake. A small town with family values, Wagoner centers life around the community with lots of events for residents. Another neat fact about Wagoner is that they’re home to the largest shopping cart manufacturer — so next time you’re at the grocery store pushing your cart along, you’re likely using a cart from Wagoner!

We we happy to install a privacy screen for Holy Cross in Wagoner. As you can see by the picture, we take great care making all of our church furniture, whether church pews or other items like this one. In this photo, Marshall is working on the beveled edge of the privacy screen end that coordinates with the architecture and decor of Holy Cross. When you only need one new item for your church, we can make replacements or new church furniture items to match your existing church furniture, as we did for Holy Cross.