One feature that comes standard with all Born Again Pews church pews is custom made communion cup holders on the pew backs. These are small wooden holders with a circular hole that are just the right size for the standard plastic communion cups many churches use during communion services. But your church might not need these communion cups and may want to forgo them on your church pews. Determining whether or not you want communion cup holders on your church pews is just one decision in the church pew selection process.

Communion cup holders on our church pews are positioned on either side of the hymnal and Bible bookracks, as you can see in the photo above. They’re simple small pieces of solid wood that match your church pew ends in stain with small circular holes that easily fit a communion cup.

In many churches, the tray of communion cups is passed along the pew, communicants take the cup, and after taking communion, they place the empty cup in the communion cup holders.

In other churches, communion might always be taken by intinction, without cups. For these churches, communion cup holders are unnecessary.

Another factor in deciding whether or not to add communion cup holders to your church pews is the use of hymnals or Bibles. Some churches prefer to put words and music in the bulletin or project them on a screen, and may not offer hymnals or Bibles to the congregation. If you don’t use hymnals or Bibles, you probably aren’t going to get bookracks. Without the visual anchor of a bookrack, you may not like the look of the communion cup holders, especially if your church is very minimalistic in style and architecture.

Observe your church before making the decision. You may see that your congregation doesn’t make use of existing communion cup holders — or you might find that people are juggling the communion cups after use and that having holders would eliminate distractions.