We’re often asked what  churches should look for when searching out the right church pews. We’ve written about a lot of factors, including style and budget. But the truth of the matter is, the first place a church needs to look isn’t at church pew manufacturers but at their own church. Understanding your church’s needs is the first step to being able to get the right church pews and church seating for your church. When you’re starting your church pew search, go over these questions with your committee and discuss the needs and future of your church:

Questions About Comfort

  1. How long are normal services?
  2. How old is your congregation?
  3. Do you need kneelers on your church pews?
  4. Are church pew accessories like bookracks, cup holders, and donation slip holders necessary?
  5. Do you want armrests?

Questions About Layout

  1. Are there any special needs you want to accommodate, like wheelchairs?
  2. How many church pews do you want, ideally?
  3. Do you want church pews parallel, angled, or in a special layout?
  4. Is a center aisle needed? Or do you prefer multiple aisles?
  5. How wide do you want aisles to be?

Questions About Design

  1. Is your church more traditional, conservative, or contemporary?
  2. Is modesty or privacy a concern for church pew end height?
  3. Do you want special decorative touches?
  4. Do you want flat Colonial White paint or stained church pews?
  5. What color of stain matches your church best?


Answering these questions will help you decide what’s best for your church and sort through options much more quickly than if you had no idea what you wanted. It’s easier to find the right pew with something in mind than just planning to recognize “the right one when you see it!”