A couple moves into their new home in a new town. Moving to an unfamiliar place and trying to get situated into a new place is exciting but also stressful. So when Sunday comes, they’re on the search for a church where they can find a welcome and solace from big life changes and they choose to visit your church. They’ve heard from neighbors your church is a great place for growing families. But when they walk in, they don’t feel comfortable and never come back.

This is a common problem for churches in need of a renovation. Families looking for lifelong church homes typically visit a variety of churches in their community to find the right congregation for them and judge a church on a lot of different factors. While things like what’s said in the service make the most impact, the appearance of your church is also important for courting new church members. If your church doesn’t look appealing, potential members might decide to go to another church.

It may sound shallow, but it usually isn’t that the visitors are consciously thinking about whether or not your church is attractive. It’s just an important part of the entire experience for any visitor: walking into the sanctuary, seeing the altar and pulpit, sitting in the pews, and looking around.

The physical parts of your church patrons interact with the most are the places where they sit. Uncomfortable seating can make your church feel uncomfortable physically, and they’ll remember feeling uncomfortable even if they don’t consciously realize the source of the feeling. If their back can’t bear sitting in your church seating for a few hours every week, they’ll go somewhere else.

As they gaze around the church, look up at the choir or praise band, concentrate on the sermon, walk up to the altar rail for communion, kneel at the altar, and stand in the aisle to greet the pastor, what will they see? A harmonious effect from well chosen worship furniture? A lovingly cared for church? A worshipful atmosphere?

Or is it time for new church furniture?

Spreading the Message is a task the Lord gave to us so it’s important to look at your church from an outsider’s perspective when you’re considering remodeling.

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