Don’t think that church pew decorations are just for weddings. They’re for any kind of special occasion to which you’d like to give some extra beauty. So what are some good occasions for church pew decorations? And what are some great ideas for those occasions? Read more to find out.


There’s no better time for special celebrations than the birth of Jesus! Winter themed church pew decorations can also look great between Christmas and the Epiphany better than something just Christmas themed. You can use natural pieces like pine cones and cinnamon sticks to create something beautiful but rustic looking or use winter branches like holly or mistletoe to bring some green and life into the cold winter months.


Spring flowers make great decorations during Easter. You can make  cones of out of colored paper and place a few flowers in them with some florist foam after lining them with the corner of a zip top plastic baggie cut to fit. Then you can tie them to the pews with some tulle or ribbon and replenish the water in the foam to make the flowers last for a few weeks. Especially if your church celebrates Eastertide between Easter and Pentecost, this can keep the Resurrection in your congregation’s minds.

A Special Community Event

Many occasions in the life of the church are worth marking with a special decoration:

  • Revivals
  • Sunday School term changes
  • Teacher recognition day
  • Kirkin’ of the Tartan
  • World Communion Sunday
  • All Saints services
  • Missionary send-offs
  • Baptisms
  • Confirmation Sunday
  • Youth Sunday
  • VBS kickoff
  • Blessings of the Animals
  • Homecoming Sundays
  • Hanging of the Greens for Advent

Each church has its own special occasions. Decorating pew ends can become a beloved tradition.