Once a year in many churches, animals are invited into the sanctuary for blessings. Although not all churches have this tradition, those that do should take an annual blessing of the animals into consideration when choosing church pews. Churches that make animals part of an annual church service need to seek out options that can tolerate a bit more wear than other churches might need—much like churches with lots of little children.

If tradition calls for the church to open its doors to pets, ensuring that your church pews are built to take a bit of abuse is a good idea if you’re in the market for new church pews. Choose options with tough construction like our church pews. Our church pew seats are covered with strong olefin fabrics that have Teflon to avoid stains and are easy to clean should an accident happen. As well as toughness, church pews should also be comfortable for owners. Some animals are better behaved than others during the excitement of a blessing and that can cause a lot of stress for an owner with a poorly behaved pet.

Churches with lots of active young children should also think about church pews that can keep their shape well. Children, even the best behaved ones, can get fussy during church services and churches that don’t send kids off to Sunday School during services need to be aware of options that can withstand the abuse children can put church pews through. Our padded foam is highly durable and can withstand abuse from children over the years.

If you have a church that needs church pews that can stand up to a bit of abuse, look for options that offer tough fabrics with stain resistant finishes and high quality padding that is meant to take abuse. We offer great options for churches seeking these features in standard church pews.