Most churches consider themselves very friendly—and they are. If your church’s friendliness isn’t directed at newcomers, you might be turning away new members. Do you have space for visitors to park their cars and sit in the congregation? Do you have enough hymnals or bulletins to go around? Is there someone there to welcome them and introduce them to your church? Without these things, your church isn’t doing everything it can to be visitor friendly.

As we’re getting closer to Christmas, most churches are thinking of ways to entice Christmas attendees to come back in the new year. One of the best ways is to make visitors feel like they belong in the church. Since churches are so often tight knit groups, it can feel strange for visitors who want to join but feel they’re somewhere they don’t belong. Think about your church visitor’s experience at your church from when they park their car to when they leave and you’ll get some clues to how you can make your church visit better.

Guiding visitors along their path from parking lot to parking lot again at the end with welcoming points along the way makes for an welcoming first impression. You should have greeters ready to welcome new people to your church and give them a bit of information about your church, including where bathrooms are located or which doors to enter for services. Small things like information about bathrooms provides a sense of security in a new experience.

Another thing to be sure of is that your visitors have a space to sit that’s comfortable and easily accessible. If someone with limited mobility comes to your church for the first time, you certainly don’t want to turn them away because you can’t welcome them to services. You also don’t want visitors to have to sit in overflow seating at the back of your church where they feel like true outsiders.

If you have these problems, take a look at your church seating and church furniture—do they present your church in the best light possible to visitors? Is your church furniture something of which you can be proud to share with new people? If not, contact us and we can help.