When churches need funds, the natural place to turn is to the congregation. A capital campaign is often the starting point for church renovations. Since we work with churches to find affordable options for church furniture, we know just how important meeting capital campaign goals can be to renovating your church. Without a successful capital campaign, your church might have to wait even longer for much needed upgrades or repairs. Try these three keys to a successful capital campaign:

Have a goal and clear purpose

Everyone who asks for money needs it. Whether the church, the children’s activity groups, or the charity in your community, there are a lot of places that might ask a family for donations at this time of year. Having clear goals with a defined and relevant need makes it easier for people to decide to give to your church instead of another cause. If you’re trying to gather funds together for new church furniture, get a quote for the total cost of church furniture and tell your church the amount required. If people know where their money is going, they will be more apt to give. We offer free quotes, which make it easy to have a clear goal to share with your church.

Research donors carefully

Asking the right amount from the right people is one of the hardest parts of capital campaigns but also one of the most important parts. Ask too little or ask too much and you’re liable to insult your church members. Getting the amount right is the best way to ensure that you’re getting what you need for your capital campaign and that families are giving what they can afford. In some churches, capital campaign boards have the benefit of knowing members very well. In larger churches, it can be a struggle. No matter how big or how small your church, tailor the amount you’re asking for each individual or family.

Permanent recognition

Capital campaigns for church furniture have the advantage of giving a lasting mark of a major contribution to a donor. There are different types of donors, some who love the limelight of their name being recognized and others who like to fly under the radar and give without need for recognition. For donors who need recognition, the motivation of having a permanent plaque on the back of a church pew is motivating. Be sure to make this option available to all but to specifically target and ask for large donations from families who like this type of recognition.

We can help you figure out exactly how much funds you’ll need to raise for new church furniture so don’t hesitate to contact us.