If you are one of our fans on Facebook, you might have noticed that we recently shared a photo from Dyson Grove Baptist Church where we installed church furniture a few months ago. It’s a beautiful photograph and shows just how much workmanship, time, and love went into building their new church building. If someone were to take a professional photograph of your church today, would you be happy with how it displayed your church to others?

Photographs help us see something from a outsider’s viewpoint, the way a new visitor might when first walking through the doors. If you’re unhappy with the way your church presents itself to newcomers, it might be time to look at options to upgrade your church furniture.

Dyson Grove Baptist’s photograph of their beautiful church presents their church as a beautiful sanctuary, centered on the Lord. The photographer posted the photo on her Facebook page and said “This has got to be the most beautiful country church that I have ever seen.” Lots of her fans agreed and when Dyson Grove Baptist posted the photo on their page, others remarked that they can feel the Spirit in the space. This is the type of reaction you’re looking for when you post photos of your church, especially if you’re trying to grow your church.

Sharing photos of your church on your church’s Facebook page can help bring new people to your church—when someone in your church comments or shares the photo, their friends see it too. A beautiful church can draw the attention of visitors who are looking for a church home.

Take a good look at your church now. Is it photo ready? Does it have a space worthy of attracting new people to the Word? If not, you might be missing out on spreading the Word to others. If you think it’s time to upgrade your church furniture, we provide free quotes to help you on your path to a decision.