Born Again Pews takes quality seriously when it comes to all church furnishings, including kneelers. All of our kneelers are made out of the same materials we use for our church pews—wood. The only metal you’ll see in our church pews is in fasteners, like braces, screws, and nails. Other companies produce metal kneelers made of aluminum. When you’re choosing between church pew companies, be sure you know what’s going into your finished church furniture. What you find might surprise you.

Wood is a more flexible solid than metal because it’s made of fibers that give a bit under pressure. When you kneel on a wooden kneeler, it is softer than a metal kneeler, which has absolutely no give. It’s the same as wooden floors versus concrete floors in a home. Experts recommend wooden floors for people with stiff joints and back problems because wood is easier on joints. The same goes for your kneelers.

Metal kneelers can be covered in padding but ultimately they’re still metal. They don’t have any give to them at all. If your church congregation is older or you have members who have joint problems, metal isn’t the best choice for your church. Metal, while durable, isn’t any more durable than wooden kneelers. Wooden kneelers made to last can stand up to the same treatment as metal kneelers throughout the years.

On top of being more comfortable, wooden kneelers look nice when paired with wooden church pews. Kneelers can be stand-alone or they can be attached to your church pews. Kneelers made of metal sound different, look different, and feel different from wooden kneelers. If you’re looking for church furniture that blends into the surroundings and lets your congregation focus on the Word, wood kneelers can be relied on not to detract from the Message.

We’re always happy to discuss our different products, including our custom made wooden kneelers that stand alone or attach to church pews. You can contact us online or give us a call.