Church furniture can come with a high price tag—but that isn’t always the case. With Born Again Pews you can save thousands of dollars on your church furniture, even to the point of paying less than you would have to restore your current church pews. For churches that are looking to spend their funds wisely, Born Again Pews is often the best option. We tend to beat out the competition in both price and quality.

While we can’t divulge our trade secrets about how we save our customers thousands of dollars on high quality church furniture, we can say this: our customers love our church furniture and the cost. Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve gathered together some testimonials that reveal just how much our customers like working with Born Again Pews. Here are a few that speak volumes about our quality for a lower price:

  • We saved several thousand dollars by going with Born Again Pews over other companies and I do not feel as though we sacrificed in the area of quality. ~Kyle O., Pampa, TX
  • It would have cost almost as much to have the old church pews refurbished! ~Shane V., Colts Neck, NJ
  • Your prices were very comfortable for us, and we received high quality, attractive pews for those reasonable prices. ~John S., Petersburg, MI
  • We were able to save thousands of dollars and get a better quality of pew by choosing Born Again Pews. ~Randy L. Hammond , Patriot, Ohio
  • The affordable prices on your products greatly helped us to be able to raise the needed funds without compromising quality. ~Ora A., Salem, WV

Born Again Pews is proud to dress the Lord’s House is high quality church pews at affordable prices. We consider it our mission to help spread the Word by providing lower-cost alternatives than the large church pew companies on the east coast. Less money spent on church furniture means more money that goes towards ministry and in our minds, that’s a beautiful thing.

Want to find out just how much you can save on church furniture with Born Again Pews? Request a free quote!