If you’re just getting started on the path towards new church furniture, you’ll probably find out that people get very attached to how their church looks. Some people might feel put out when their opinions aren’t solicited. But including everyone in the church furniture selection process can be challenging. One church has been going through a rough time because the congregation feels like it is being ignored by the people who will ultimately make the decisions, resulting in “tears and lost sleep.” How should you involve your congregation in the church furniture process?

The easiest way is to get input from the start from your congregation through a survey and report back on the results to the congregation as a whole. Asking your congregation questions about how they feel the current church furniture is doing its job and how it reflects the church is a good start that will open the discussion. Since congregation members will ultimately donate the money that will go towards the renovation, it’s important they feel they had input into the final decision.

The survey should include questions about what congregation members feel is necessary in church pews and what isn’t. You might find that rarely used features are still important to you congregation and they would be upset if you didn’t ensure they were included in the new plans.

Chances are good that there will be some differences of opinion, even on questions as basic as whether to go with brown or blue fabric on the pews. Of course, you can’t make everyone happy but sharing the results of the survey can help all the church members feel that their opinions were heard.

During the process, it is a good idea to report back to your congregation about the progress and options towards a church renovation. When decisions are made, you can survey again to pick a final plan between the results and help the congregation feel as though they’ve made the right decision.