Church furniture isn’t just pulpits and pews. Look around your church and you may see many more wooden furnishings that don’t come to mind when the committee first gets together to talk about new pews.

Church furniture extras can include a variety of items:

  • announcement boards or hymn boards
  • decorative crosses
  • flower stands
  • tithe boxes and tithe box stands
  • kneelers
  • pew signs (“reserved” for family members at funerals, for example)
  • baptismal fonts or holy water fonts
  • Bible stands
  • altars
  • stands for sound boards
  • benches for the narthex or the courtyard
  • tables and stands for the narthex

When you’re selecting these items for your church, you’ll want to be sure that they’re made with the same quality you’re looking for in church pews and pulpits. If you don’t ask, you might find that your flower stands aren’t as stable as you’d like.

We believe that accessories should be made with the same quality materials as in church pews. You’ll find that most of our church accessories are made with the same solid oak we use in our church pew ends. When we make your church furniture, if you’ve ordered a full set of various different church furniture items, we make them all to order using the same woods and stains so everything matches.

If you’re in the market for church furniture, give a bit of time to thinking about the accessories in your church — the ones that need replacing and the ones you need but don’t have. We can help you figure out solutions for special accessories. After all, we make all of our church furniture to order by hand and that means we can make just about anything.