Many churches have replaced or supplemented their traditional service with a contemporary service. How can you create a contemporary worship environment?

Some contemporary changes are minor while others are more substantial. You might replace an organ with a band. Maybe you want to start using modern technology, like a PowerPoint or microphones or screens. Maybe you’re ready for modernized terminology — like “worship jam” instead of “hymn sing.”

These changes are just superficial, though. They don’t change the reason why people gather to worship. Making worship more contemporary is making it more accessible to younger generations.

Let’s say that you want to embrace this idea. What’s involved in creating a contemporary worship environment?

Pulpits may provide a sense of decorum and a separation between pastor and people — not what you want in a contemporary service. Replace a traditional pulpit with an acrylic stand or just choose an altar table. Letting the worship leaders move around among the people during the service can change the feeling of the worship experience.

Music is an important part of any worship service, and a contemporary service may include even more music than a traditional one. Traditionally, organs have been the instrument of choice for church services. However, contemporary worship services have started replacing the organ with guitars, keyboards, or even full bands. Stages have become common in many churches that hold contemporary worship services. Add pews to your stage so musicians and worship leaders can be seated without going back and forth to the pews with the congregation.

It’s really not that hard to create a contemporary worship environment. The most important thing to remember is that straying from tradition isn’t a bad thing. Just because past generations did things one way doesn’t mean that it’s the only way.

If you’re looking to to move towards contemporary worship, we can help with all of your church furniture needs!