When selecting new church furniture, there are many factors to take into consideration, including which fabric to choose. This choice is important, as the fabric will be taking wear and tear from the congregation, and you don’t want to be reupholstering every few years. To help you make the best use of your church funds, we’ve made a list of the top three most important things to consider when selecting fabric for church furniture.


Fabric shopping can be difficult with so many different options, from pattern to color, and more. However, durability of the fabric you decide on should be at the top of your priority list. Some fabrics may seem like the perfect fit for the atmosphere you’re looking to create in your chapel, but they may just not be sturdy enough to last through years of use. Make sure that the fabric you are thinking about has been tested for weight and pulling. Will it be able to withstand thousands of seated patrons, little shoes and sticky hands, and church bags? How will it fare against potential spills and accidental snags or marks from pens or pencil? Think about getting samples of the fabric before you make a decision.

2. Style

After you have solidified a list of fabrics that will serve your budget and the anticipated congregational use, you can turn to more exciting considerations like style. Church furniture has a tremendous impact on the atmosphere of a chapel, and therefore largely influences the attitude of patrons as they attend. Church houses can help their congregations assume an attitude of reverence and respect through the styling of furniture, including fabric, wood, decoration, and more. Most importantly, you want each member of the congregation to feel uplifted and comfortable as they attend sermons at your building, and the aesthetic of the chapel should help create that experience. However, this doesn’t mean that whatever is trending in the way of fabric should be your first choice, as trends come and go, and the last thing you want is to end up with dated furniture that has plenty of wear left. It is best to choose something both practical and classy, as this combination will typically give a timeless look.

3. Color

Once your fabric and style has been selected, the exact color is the last thing to consider, though still extremely important. This isn’t the time to drastically change the color scheme of your church furniture, unless you’re doing a complete remodel. If you’re looking to add some decorative color, consider accent pieces or smaller items that can give new life to your chapel without turning all the pews bright yellow. It’s generally a good idea to pick a color that is pleasing, but doesn’t draw too much attention, and fits with the church’s overall design for practicality and an inviting atmosphere. Consider taking your fabric samples into the church during your typical service hours to observe how they look in the lighting there.

Born Again Pews is on a mission to serve the church furniture needs of all congregations, and they are happy to help you select the best fabric for your new church furniture or reupholstering job.