Over time, church seating gets dirty from regular use and needs to be cleaned. Knowing how to clean your used pews and chairs will help to ensure they last for a long period of time, getting you the best return on your investment. Here is a quick guide to clean and care for your church furniture.

Maintenance Clean

The best way to handle dirt and other debris is to stay on top of it. Start by adding weekly cleaning to your church maintenance schedule. Be sure to include wiping down the metal and wood parts of the furniture, using a gentle, damp cloth. While wiping them down, be sure to keep an eye out for any scratches or loose screws and attachments. Carefully inspect the fabric, looking specifically for any fresh stains that may not have been there the last week. Following a big event, be sure to do an extra cleaning and chair inspection, to prevent debris from finding its way into the fabric of your furniture.

Prevention Deep Cleaning

Routine church furniture cleaning should include making necessary repairs. Every couple of months, take the time to inspect your church chairs and test each one to ensure it is not wobbly. Set aside any chairs that are wobbly so they can be repaired as soon as possible. For all the rest of the furniture that doesn’t require repairs, wipe down the metal and wood components with warm water and mild soap. Take care to remove any sticky residue and dirt you may find. Use a vacuum and a lint roller to clean the fabric sections of your furniture, paying special attention to the crevices that are notorious for collecting dust and dirt.

Fabric Stain Cleaning

As soon as a spill occurs on your church furniture, try to soak it up as quickly as possible. This will help to prevent liquid from absorbing into the fabric. Be careful not to rub, just dab and soak up as much as you possibly can. When you rub, you are unintentionally pushing the liquid into the fabric rather than soaking it up.

At Born Again Pews, we understand that even if you’ve taken care of your used pews and church furniture, eventually it will need to be replaced. We sell new and used church furniture so that when you need to upgrade your well-worn furniture you can find exactly what you are looking for. When you take care of your church furniture, it will take care of you!