Born Again Pews makes all kinds of church furniture for your congregation. We care about crafting decorative elements to enhance your church’s worship experience at an affordable price. We offer products that allow you to stretch your budget and use more resources in your church’s passion areas, like missions and outreach. Whether you need church furniture for church renovation or new construction, here are some of the products we offer on our site.

Church Pews

Pews give your congregants a comfortable place to sit as they hear messages from the Word of God. We manufacture, deliver and set up pews for chapels throughout the country. Our handcrafted wooden pews are made from solid red oak, offering a timeless and earthy appearance for your house of worship. You can choose a design style — such as colonial, traditional or modern — that matches the sanctuary’s existing decorative elements.

We offer the following pew options on our site:

  • Church pew ends: To enhance your pews’ design and distinguish their style, consider creating custom-made church pew ends.
  • New church pews: When you work with our custom design specialist, you can create a church pew in a specific color, size and decorative theme. Our brand-new church pews offer personalized furniture at an affordable price. 
  • Refurbished and used church pews: If you’d like to renovate your sanctuary seating or find other refurbished or used products, we also provide church furniture restoration. You can contact us to find out what we have in our inventory.

We offer various stain finish colors — such as natural, golden oak and provincial — to guard your wooden seating against potential damage and wear from excessive use. Our commercial-grade fabrics can last longer than standard materials, so you won’t have to replace them as often. As we build and deliver your new chapel furniture, we hope it enhances your congregation’s worship experience.

Church Pulpits

The pulpit at the front of the sanctuary is often where the pastor delivers a message from God’s Word. We understand this piece of furniture needs to be durable and visually pleasant to keep your congregation’s attention and allow them to enjoy the worship service. Our inventory of handcrafted solid oak church pulpits features various design options that can enhance your meeting space’s environment.

Consider selecting a custom-made church pulpit design that goes well with the existing furniture, architecture and your congregation’s traditions. You can browse our inventory to see some of the custom design templates we have on hand. Our master craftsmen can modify these styles according to your preferences.

Church Chairs

As we design our handcrafted church chairs, our goal is to make them ergonomic and affordable. Our matching church furniture chairs go along with your pews. Whether you need them for the choir area or sanctuary overflow, we craft our chairs with the following sturdy components:

  • Square tubing: The 18-gauge steel square tubing provides a durable, stackable product. We use this steel for the legs, back, carriage and braces.
  • Fabric: The polyolefin fiber fabric we use is resistant to stains and comes in various colors and textures.
  • Foam padding: The polyurethane foam padding on the seat makes for comfortable church furniture for congregants as they sit in the sanctuary during a worship service.
  • Book racks: You could have us weld book racks onto the back to store Bibles and envelopes for the offering.
  • Ganging clips: We could add ganging clips to attach the chairs, creating a straight line and saving space in your meeting area.

Church Tables

If you need church tables for communion, collecting the offering or decorating for various occasions, we also craft wooden church tables by hand. The tables need to be durable and visually appealing to match the rest of your sanctuary’s design. Our solid red oak handcrafted tables can hold all the elements that help your church go through the worship service.

Adding a colorful stain to the wooden table can enhance its resistance to scratches, moisture and wear. We offer a wide selection of different church table designs to help you find one that can work in your church’s sanctuary. We can also modify your desired product’s color, size and shape.

Other Church Furniture

We also have the following extra types of church furniture for sale on our website:

  • Attendance boards: These boards are made from solid oak and let the congregation know about upcoming events, the offering received, the songs for the service and other essential messages. 
  • Flower stands: You can use this piece of furniture to decorate the meeting area during special holidays. A flower stand has a versatile design that allows you to complement the rest of the sanctuary.
  • Baptismal fonts: This unique piece contains solid oak wood and durable metal to preserve the holy water in your church. Whether the building has a modern or traditional design aesthetic, you can use a baptismal font to remind your congregation of the importance of Christ’s forgiveness and cleansing of their sins.
  • Kneelers: This attachment provides those sitting in the pews with a comfortable place to kneel during prayer as they submit their petitions to God. You can design your kneelers with soft fabric in the same color as your pews.
  • Modesty panels: You may want to include a modesty panel on your elevated seating to hide seated members’ legs. This component also comes in solid oak to complement your wooden pews.
  • Wooden stands: We create wooden stands of various shapes, sizes, configurations and uses to complement the design of the rest of the sanctuary. You can choose either fixed or portable, whether you need the stands to hold a Bible or give a guest speaker a place to share the message.
  • Tithe boxes: You could provide a private spot for your congregants to bring their offering after the service with a tithe box. A handcrafted wooden tithe box can mount on a wall at the back of the church so congregants could slip in their envelope before they leave.
  • Wooden crosses: For a decorative reminder of why you gather, consider designing a wooden cross to hang above the sanctuary. We create crosses of various colors and sizes to accommodate the free space you have in the building.

Browse Our Custom Church Furniture

Born Again Pews is a church furniture carpenter in Kansas, Oklahoma, but we distribute our products nationwide. Whether you need church furniture for new church construction or renovation, we’ll help you find everything to complete your sanctuary design. Reach out to us online or call 1-888-993-3539 for a free quote.