Church pews can be made bare, without padding or upholstery, but most churches now choose the greater comfort of a padded pew with fabric covering. The color of the upholstery can add to the beauty of your sanctuary, too.

Olefin fabrics are the perfect coverings for church pews because they stand the test of time. What exactly is olefin? It’s a manufactured fiber made out of synthetic materials and is used for things like carpeting, slipcovers, draperies, and upholstery. You know if a fabric can stand the abuse of being used for carpeting, it can take years of use as a covering for a church pew.

We use olefin because it has properties that make it perfect for a church setting. Olefin is water and stain resistant, meaning less maintenance and spills are easily wiped off. Accidental spills will happen over the life of your church pews so choosing a fabric that’s perfect for preventing stains is better than a fabric that easily absorbs spills. Considering that many churches use grape juice, red wine, or port for communion—some of the most staining liquids out there—avoiding stains is a top priority.

Olefin is also abrasion and sunlight resistant, meaning that through years of use in the sun or with parishioners standing up and sitting down many times throughout services, your church pews will still look as fresh and new as the day they were put in. The fabrics are also extremely color fast, meaning no worries that dark reds will transfer to clothes on hot summer days.

Most of all olefin is strong and resilient, even in adverse conditions. Olefin has been used in all kinds of settings, from inside your car to inside of concrete as a strengthener. There’s no better fabric for church pews—olefin lasts forever and keeps its luster, shape, and color through thick and thin, which is exactly why it’s the fabric we use for our custom church pews.

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