Church Pews

We deliver and install church pews nationwide. Our handcrafted wooden church pews are built from solid red oak and provide a harmonious experience for your congregation. Born Again Pews has several styles and designs including:

  • Traditional Pews
  • Modern Pews
  • Colonial Pews

Each design creates a unique setting for each congregation to enjoy. Our objective is to provide comfortable church furniture for your congregation that positively impacts the worship experience.

Born Again Pews uses a variety of stain finishes on the church furniture. We use stains such as golden oak, provincial and natural statins. Stains preserve and protect the wood from extensive use and potential damage by the congregation. Staining the pews increases the longevity and stunning aesthetic.

On the standard church pew, the fabric needs to be periodically replaced. At Born Again Pews, we advocate and use commercial grade fabrics to ensure the longevity between replacement is greatly increased.

Every church requires something a little different in terms of style and design to meet their worship needs. Our goal is to ensure every piece of church furniture matches your message and allows for your congregation to be comfortable for years to come. 


Pew Ends

Pew ends set the style of your congregation, whether it is contemporary, traditional, modern or another style. Pew ends capture different ways to best express the congregation character.

New Church Pews

We offer an affordable price for new high-quality church pews. Born Again Pews manufactures a variety of shapes and finishes on pews that correspond with individual preference.

Used Church Pews

Our used pews are carefully examined upon arrival at our workshop. The pews are safely refurbished to preserve and protect the wood and style of the pew.

Refurbished Church Pews

We have an exceptional refurbishment team to ensure that the used church pews are received, refurbished and will endure for a lifetime.