Church Pews

Our team at Born Again Pews delivers and installs church pews nationwide. Our handcrafted wooden church pews are built from solid red oak and provide a pleasant, comfortable experience for your congregation during worship services. We offer several styles and designs that can match your existing church furniture, including:

  • Traditional Pews
  • Modern Pews
  • Colonial Pews

If you’re looking for new furniture for your church sanctuary, you can browse our inventory of wooden pews for sale to find what you need.

    The Craftsmanship Behind the Pews

    We hand craft our church pews to give your furniture a customized appearance. Each design creates a unique setting for your congregation to enjoy as they sit during a worship service. Our objective is to provide comfortable church seating for your congregants to enhance their experience during weekly meetings.

    You can personalize the following characteristics of your church seating to help you match the rest of the furniture in your sanctuary:

    • Wood color: Our design team uses various stain finishes on the church furniture to preserve the wood from extensive use and potential damage by the congregation. With our high-quality, aesthetically pleasing stains, your church pews can last longer and look stunning in the middle of the sanctuary.
    • Seating color: On a standard church pew, you’ll most likely need to replace the cloth over the seat periodically. At Born Again Pews, we promote and use commercial-grade materials to make your seating last longer so you won’t have to change it often.
    • Design aesthetic: Every church needs furniture with a unique style to complement their sanctuary’s appearance. We want to ensure every product we make for your church matches your congregation’s vision and allows your community to be comfortable during the worship service and other important meetings. You can work with our church pew designer to help create your new furniture to your specifications.
    Custom made church pews with white ends

    New Church Pews

    We offer an affordable price for new high-quality church pews. Born Again Pews manufactures a variety of shapes and finishes on pews that correspond with individual preference.

    White pew ends

    Pew Ends

    Pew ends set the style of your congregation, whether it is contemporary, traditional, modern or another style. Pew ends capture different ways to best express the congregation character.

    Used Church Pews

    Our used pews are carefully examined upon arrival at our workshop. The pews are safely refurbished to preserve and protect the wood and style of the pew.

    Refurbished Church Pews

    We have an exceptional refurbishment team to ensure that the used church pews are received, refurbished and will endure for a lifetime.

    New Church Pews

    If you’re building or renovating your church and need brand-new seating, we offer an affordable price for new high-quality church pews. Our comfortable padding features built-in lumbar support to provide a more pleasant worship experience. We also include durable plywood underneath the padding to make your benches last longer. Born Again Pews manufactures a variety of shapes and finishes on pews that correspond with individual preference. Consider which colors and textures you want for your custom church pews.


    The cloth on your custom church pews determines their color and comfort. Since your congregants will be sitting on these materials during most of the worship service, consider designing your seating with soft fabrics that don’t snag on coats or jewelry. We provide the following fabric colors and textures:

    • Sherpa & Shire: Our Sherpa & Shire upholstery fabric features 100% polyolefin fiber with an acrylic finish. It has high abrasion and fading resistance, maintaining its color and integrity for many years. This material is also easy to clean with mild detergent and warm water. You can choose a fabric from various color and texture options to match your existing church furniture.
    • Interweave®: Our Interweave® fabric is a durable, aesthetically pleasing material for upholstered church pews. It contains 100% olefin fibers and features a high tensile and tear strength. This fading-resistant fabric is easy to clean with mild soap and water. You can browse our catalog to see the rich colors and textures available for this fabric.


    Our church pews feature natural solid oak wood. If you want to change your furniture’s color and improve its durability, consider choosing one of our unique wood stains. Here are the finishing options we offer:

    • Jacobean
    • Natural
    • Ebony
    • Golden Oak
    • Dark Walnut
    • Provincial
    • Driftwood
    • Puritan Pine
    • Pickled Oak n
    • Ipswich Pine
    • Golden Pecan
    • Colonial Maple
    • Fruitwood
    • Special Walnut
    • Cherry
    • Red Mahogany
    • Early American
    • Red Oak


    Your church seating should provide ample room for your congregation in the sanctuary. Longer pews mean more people can find a seat within your space. We offer the following standard sizes for our church pews:

    • 10-foot church pews
    • 14-foot church pews
    • 16-foot church pews

    You can speak with our craftsmen if you need unique dimensions for your church furniture.

    Pew Ends

    Pew ends set your sanctuary’s style — whether it is contemporary, traditional, modern or another design theme. They also capture different ways to express the congregation’s character. If you’re looking for pre-made designs to help customize your pews further, pew ends may be the perfect option for you.

    As you plan your church seating, imagine how you want these wooden components to look based on your current furniture. Our pew ends come with a bench and custom fabrics, but since the ends define the seating’s aesthetic, you should think about their material, color and size. Here are the pew ends we offer in our inventory:

    • Cantilever: This end features a contemporary or modern style for your church sanctuary. Besides the bench itself, you could also get kneelers or book racks attached to make it easier to pray, read from the Bible and take notes.
    • Full: This style is our most popular type at Born Again Pews. Its traditional design features an artistic yet comfortable appearance that invites your congregation to sit and enjoy the worship service.
    • Colonial white: This durable, beautiful design has a strong wooden base and scuff-resistant white paint color to guard the finish against scratches and wear.

    Used Church Pews

    If you don’t want to design brand-new church seating, you can order used church pews for sale from our website. Upon arrival at our workshop, we carefully examine our used pews and make sure they’re suitable for reuseWe safely refurbish them to preserve and protect their wood and style.

    You can contact us to find out what used church pews we have available in our inventory. We may have a listing that we haven’t included on our website that could work for your sanctuary.

    Church Pew Refurbishment Service

    If you’re renovating your church and your current seating is in decent condition, we can also refurbish your existing pews. These furniture pieces tend to last a long time, especially with quality solid oak, durable fabric and scratch-resistant staining. Instead of getting all new church pews, you can have us restore the material or finish. We have an exceptional refurbishment team that’ll work with you from start to finish.

    Our specialists carefully receive your church seating and inspect it for damage and wear. Then, they update the fabric and finish of your seating to ensure it lasts a lifetime. You can also change your fabric or wood’s color to a personalized design with our custom specialist team. To get started on refurbishing your church pews, you can contact us today to speak with one of our master craftsmen.

    Order Custom Church Pews From Born Again Pews

    At Born Again Pews, we believe in providing high-quality church furniture at an affordable cost. Our church pew designer team seeks to help you get the best pews for your sanctuary to match the rest of the design. If you’re ready to start creating your church pews today, you can reach out to us online or call 1-888-993-3539 to request a free quote.