Does your church need bookracks on the back of pews? Some churches need bookracks, others don’t. It just depends on how your church runs service. In churches that use hymnals, Bibles, or books of prayer, bookracks can be useful and necessary. But not every church requires them and they might sit bare and unused in some churches.

We’re not out to nickel and dime our customers which is why we include bookracks, communion cup holders, and card pockets as part of our standard price. It’s a privilege to serve others who are serving God and we use honest and upfront business practices. We don’t want to be the moneychangers of church pews, passing off hidden fees like they did by hiding fees in exchange rates. As part of our standard quote, we include these add-ons.

Think about your church’s worship style before you decide you need a bookrack. For instance, if your church has Bibles, hymnals, or prayerbooks that have been part of the church for decades and they are used every church service, it’s a good idea to continue with having bookracks. However, if people tend to bring their own Bibles with them or you show scriptures and songs on a screen, you probably don’t need them. And you certainly don’t need them if your church doesn’t have any books and uses call-backs to sing hymns!

Having the bookracks you need is essential. Having unneeded bookracks uses more resources than necessary and makes visitors wonder where the hymnals have gone. If you don’t need racks on your pews, let us know and we’ll be happy to deliver them without.