A strong visual focal point that immediately reminds your church members of the reason why they’re at church can help keep your church member’s attention on the Word. Consider the wooden crosses we make for altars and accent wall displays. Made out of oak pieces that match your pews and painted with the same finish, these subtle but beautiful crosses can help refocus your congregation during moments their thoughts stray away from the church service.

Sometimes members of your congregation might have trouble focusing on the church service. They might have had a difficult week and be worried about a long to do list they still need to finish, contemplating the latest episode of their favorite television show, or even simply just zoning out during service. Or even worse, they might be focused on your old and uncomfortable church furniture that’s causing discomfort. A gentle push in the right direction can help your parishioners focus fully on the Word and give the focused attention church service deserves.

After all, most people only attend church once a week so it’s not much to ask for your congregation to pay attention and focus on the Lord for a few hours and take time out of other obligations. You ability to spread the Word depends on your ability to capture the audience so they will listen to the Message, instead of focusing on worldly things that are detrimental to reflection. We want to help your church members focus on the Word of God, not the furniture, by providing comfortable pews that blend into the church and focal points that are centered around the point of church services.

We make our accent crosses out of the same high quality materials with the same techniques as our other pieces of church furniture and church pews. These crosses can be customized for your church’s needs and sized appropriately for the wall space available. We can also add special features like a backlight to the cross to really bring your congregation’s attention to the sacrifice Jesus made for us. We can also add any carving and woodworking you’d like to match your pews.

By providing a strong focal point that draws your congregation’s attention to the Word and the reason why they attend church, while asking your members to reflect on the message, your church members will have a stronger experience with the Message.