It’s time to start thinking about your church and getting ready for Christmas. Before you know it, ¬†October will be gone and Thanksgiving will be quickly on us. Then it’s just a short month until it’s time for Christmas. If your church isn’t ready for a bigger crowd that you normally have on a regular Sunday and don’t have enough church seating for everyone, it could mean that you’re missing out on spreading the Word more after Christmas.

For individuals and families who aren’t church regulars, Easter, Christmas, and Mother’s Day are the days throughout the year with the highest church attendance. It’s a good time for churches to attract new members or reconnect with members who’ve let their attendance slip. When looking for a new church, people look for somewhere they feel comfortable, both in the message being preached at the front of the church and the seats at the back of the church.

You could have metal folding chairs set up at the back of the church in case your pews are full because of high turnout at your Christmas services. Think about who sits at the back of the church, though. Often, it’s the newcomer, the person who worries that they might take a pew and be asked to move, the person who isn’t completely sure he belongs in church.

This is the very person who needs a comfortable, welcoming experience in your church at Christmas. Sitting squirming in a folding chair can make the sermon seem long and distract from even the most beautiful music. Newcomers won’t return if they don’t feel as though they belong and are uncomfortable during service.

If your church expects a large crowd for Christmas, consider investing in new church seating. Not only will your existing members be better served, you might attract more newcomers to return after Christmas and the holidays are over.