Being a steward of the Church doesn’t just have to do with taking care of the church furniture. It has more to do with being a steward of the Gospel and doing what the Lord asks of us in our daily lives. A steward is someone who has been entrusted with caring for something and when we are stewards of faith, the Gospel, and our church, we’ve been asked to care for those things in every way possible, not just financially. So how can be we good stewards of our Christian faith?

The first step to being a good steward is realizing that everything belongs to God, not us. From the food on our tables to the church pews we sit on at Sunday services, none of it belongs to us, although we might think of them as our own possessions. Job 1:21 reminds us that we come into the world with nothing and leave it with nothing. If we think of the objects around us as belonging to the Lord, it changes our perspective on them. Church furniture, for instance, doesn’t honor the Lord if it’s not well maintained or if it is falling apart. It’s also our responsibility to honor God by having furniture that serves His people well by allowing them to learn the Good News and know Him.

The second important part of being a good steward is doing what God asks of us to do with His gifts. Asking us to share the Gospel with our friends and neighbors is part of our mission as Christians and unless we care for the gifts He has given us to do that, it’s impossible to share the Gospel. If we don’t care for our churches, it’s much harder to bring the community together to worship together and learn the Gospel. If there aren’t church pews suitable for sitting in comfortably, we’re not being good stewards of the Gospel because no one will want to sit to hear the Word.

Take a look at your church and ask yourself honestly if you’re doing everything in your power to honor His gifts. If you need help because your church furniture isn’t doing enough to help spread the Word, contact us and we can help.