Sometimes events in your church community call for big changes. Your church has decided on a new mission or revised outdated doctrine. You’re welcoming a new pastor or minister to your church. Your church has seen a lot of growth. There are hundreds of events that can cause big changes in your church. When things change, it can also bring to light that your church furniture is looking a bit dingy and is in need of an update.¬†Giving your entire church a facelift when a big change happens can help reinvigorate your congregation in their relationship with the church.

Church furniture is the easiest way to give your church a new look. Since furniture plays such a key role in how we experience worship services, from listening and watching the preacher at the pulpit to sitting in church pews, changing church furniture is an easy way to change your entire church. For instance, if your church is finally settling into a new, permanent building, church pews can give your church a look of finality and solidity. If your church has been in the same building for a long time, new church pews can breathe life into and old setting.

However, some people get their feathers ruffled when things like church furniture change. The easiest way to help your church members transition through a change is by asking for their input and voting on it as a whole. While committees are often a good idea to direct the search and narrow down the options, allowing church members to choose between final options in the budget is a good way to get those who don’t deal with change well involved and invested in the process. When the change happens, they’ll feel more confident in it knowing that they had their say.

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