Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and as soon as the last bit of turkey has been eaten, the hectic rush towards Christmas celebrations will officially start! We’re gathering together all the resources churches might need during the Christmas season, including church decorations for church pews and church furniture. We’ve started a Pinterest board of ideas for Christmas church pew decorations — be sure to take a look!

Around Christmas, many people will attend church who don’t usually come, so you want to make sure that your church is ready to welcome them and encourage them to keep coming. Decorations can prove to be a great way to wow members who haven’t been in a long time and rejuvenate their connection with your church.

It’s easy for people to get out of the habit of attending church. A Pew study asked people why they aren’t attending church and 24% of them said it wasn’t a priority in their life. Church-goers know that church attendance has great benefits, from fellowship with the community of believers to connection with the Word in an oasis in our busy live, and of course the opportunity to worship God. The unchurched don’t know what they’re missing.

At Christmas time, the Holy Spirit may be working in the lives and hearts of people who do not attend church regularly. Creating a welcoming physical space, an exciting visual effect, and a sense of wonder can open the eyes of infrequent visitors. It can also refresh regular churchgoers and improve the quality of their worship experience.

Just as music prepares our hearts for worship and helps us set aside the cares of the week so we can truly listen to the message, the physical appearance of the church can help prepare those who attend your church — the new visitors, the regular members, and those who are coming back to the church after time away.