Church pews are an important part of the church during the holidays. With less than a month to go, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to build and install church pews in your sanctuary before Christmas hits although we’ve been known to work church furniture miracles in the past before. Be sure to contact us before you rule it out. Even if it’s too late for Christmas this year, you still have plenty of time to plan for new church furniture for future holidays.

The most popular holidays for church attendance are Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day, all of which are great days to try to capture new members. If your church pews aren’t up to par on these holidays, it can be hard to convince visitors to return on a non-holiday Sunday. Church furniture serves as the center of attention for new visitors.

When they first enter your church, the overall look of your church is what they first notice. If church furniture is mismatched or run-down looking, it will serve as a reflection of your church, whether it is justified or not. Once seated, the visitor will notice the church pews—if they’re old and creaky, it can serve as a pretty embarrassing moment in a quiet church if they come in late. If church pews are in need of repairs, your church can show off its worst side. As soon as the sermon starts, the attention is drawn to the pulpit and the altar. And if you have a Christmas pageant in store for visitors, the aisle and rear of the church will draw some attention as children come in towards the altar.

Visitors inevitably notice church furniture when they’re first learning about a new church. Are you putting your best foot forward with your church through your church furniture?

If you think that your church furniture could stand improvement, there’s plenty of time to make a plan before Easter. Contact us and we can help give your church a new look worthy of your congregation.