Some churches use paper newsletters and programs every week to tell their church members what is happening in the church community and to guide them through the church services. But this can get costly quickly for smaller churches, and there might be environmental concerns, too. If you’re looking for an alternative, an announcement board is a great way to keep your church community informed and headed the right direction in services.

One of the most common uses for church announcement boards is to post the hymn numbers for the week on the board. Custom made church announcement boards look great on your church’s walls and can be built to match the rest of your church furniture.

But there are plenty of other ways to use your board to keep your church informed.

Your church announcement board can help keep everyone motivated during fundraisers. Post updates of the latest numbers on the announcement board every week to draw attention to what is still needed. This is a great way to involve your church community in fundraising — and more attractive than a fundraising thermometer.

You can also keep track of other information, like how many people attend services each Sunday or how many members of the congregation brought visitors.

If your church has New Year’s resolutions, an announcement board might be just what you need to draw attention to what your church is trying to do and where you are on the path to that goal. We can build and stain church announcement boards to match your existing furniture if you don’t yet have one so call us to find out what we can offer your church to help you towards your church goals.