Sometimes it can be difficult to see the presence of the Lord in our daily lives and translate what we hear in Sunday sermons to our every day habits. When we get caught up in life outside of church, we often need reminders of how Christ is present in our lives. Turning to your congregation in the pews to provide testimony of how Christ has been present in their lives can help others in your congregation remember that Christ is always with us, even when we’re not sitting in church pews. Reinvigorating your congregation’s faith is an important part of maintaining your church and attracting new members.

Testimonies from those in the pews can be one of the best ways to involve your church members and bring new stories to the pulpit on Sunday. You might even be surprised by how many people want to share their testimonies and who are ready to tell their stories of Christ in their lives. If you haven’t asked you congregation for their testimonies in a long time or have never asked, you’re missing out on an important part of church life.

Asking those in the pews to share their stories of Christ in their lives makes it easy to remind church members why they are part of your church. By telling their story and testifying for Christ, it allows members to claim a little piece of the Sunday service and call it their own. A sense of ownership drives members to participate more in things like capital campaigns and successful community outreach events.

To facilitate testimonies in your church, ask your church members to tell you if they would be willing to share their testimony and make a list of all the members who will. Depending on the size of your church and the number of people who want to participate, you can designate time for each person across a number of Sunday services. If you have a large number of people who want to testify, you can even make it into a series.