We’re worked with a lot of different churches over the years and know the ins and outs of the church furniture industry. You might be surprised to find out it’s a pretty competitive business and that lots of other companies try to cut corners. One technique some other church pew and church furniture companies use to save on money is subcontracting—instead of building your pews, they hire someone else to do the work at a cut rate price and then charge you more. The result can be that your church overpays for shoddy workmanship if the subcontractor has to cut corners to even make a profit. We don’t use that method of making our church furniture.

Instead, we make our church furniture in our workshop to your specifications. We don’t send the order to someone else and then sit on our hands while they make a piece of church furniture, hoping they’ll do a good job. We take pride in our work and stand by the quality of our church pews—if we turned over the responsibility to someone else, we couldn’t do that.

Our mission is to provide high quality church pews at affordable prices for churches so more money can be spent on spreading the Word. If we used subcontractors to build our pews, the workmanship might not be up to our standards. We employ ten skilled workers to build our church furniture in our workshop and work with churches to develop the best church furniture for their church. We are proud to say that our business provides a livelihood for our employees and they take pride in their work.

When you’re looking for a church furniture company, ask who will be doing the work to build your church furniture and if they’re an employee or subcontractor. It might give you clues about the quality and price of the furniture you’re considering.