We recently installed church furniture in a town closer to home:Alva, Oklahoma. We installed some new church furniture, including a pulpit and a communion table. Alva, Oklahoma, was the land office of the Cherokee Outlet land run, the largest land run that settled parts of western and central Oklahoma. Originally on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, Alva was an important crossing point through Oklahoma towards the west coast from cities like St. Louis and Chicago. Today, Alva is a vibrant community in western Oklahoma.

You’ll notice in the above photo of the church that there are a lot of wood features in the architecture of the building, including the steps behind the altar. When you have custom church furniture made, you can have existing features like this matched with your new church furniture. Had church furniture been bought without taking into account the need for matching the stain, the pulpit and communion table might not look as much as part of the church.

Seventh Day Adventist Alva, OkYou’ll also notice, if you look carefully at this photo, that the steps at the altar are carpeted and have a slight lip of wood on the stairs and this creates a line. We replicated that in the facade of pulpit and communion table with woodworking that creates more than just a simple, flat surface and adds dimension to the furniture.

If you think of church furniture from the perspective of someone sitting in a church pew, adding some visual interest to the surface of a church pulpit or communion table is a smart idea.

Every piece of church furniture can — and, we think, should — be a positive part of the worship experience. It’s a pleasure to us to make this happen.

If you’re looking for a new pulpit or communion table, give our team a call and we can help you make a great choice that will last generations and easily become an important part of your church.