Young people have lots of energy and you can put that energy to good use in your church. Giving youth a sense of ownership and responsibility in the church can better connect them to your church, and involving youth in decision making can be a great way to do that. Consider including youth members next time you have a decision to make. When it’s something as lasting as church furniture, youth feel that they have made an important contribution to their church. It’s also to your advantage to harness some of the energy youth have in abundance to help raise funds for church pews.

Many churches have a group of volunteer committee members who work together to make church furniture decisions, but there are often no young people on that committee. Before making assumptions that no youth members are interested, it’s a good idea to ask youth if they’d like to participate in the decision process. It’s a good learning experience for them to see how church decisions are made and what future role they can play.

Include youth in the research that starts the process. Here are some resources for this:

Fundraising is something youth should help participate in when it comes to church furniture. Tasking a youth group with fundraising for a certain number of church pews is a great way to get them to participate. They have a goal specifically just for them and that can help them gain a sense of responsibility for their church. When the new church furniture is installed, you can put small plaques on the church pews the youth funded, acknowledging their accomplishments.

As those young people grow, the plaques will remind them — and perhaps also their children and grandchildren — of the part they played in the life of the church as they were growing up.