At Born Again Pews, we offer many choices in wood stains and in upholstery fabrics. How can you choose the best colors for your church?

Color psychology can play a part. Psychologists say that green and blue spaces are calming and cause people to feel more serene and relaxed. If your church favors a more contemplative service, blue or gray fabric for your pew upholstery might support that goal.

Warm colors like red and orange liven up a space and may encourage more intense participation in active services.

Yellow, according to the people who study these things, leads to increased creativity — but it can also make people irritable. This may not be what you want in your church.

You should also take into account the colors already present in your sanctuary. The colors of walls, wood, brick, carpeting, stained glass windows, and existing furniture may determine the best choice for your new pews. If you’ve made a significant investment in choir robes, hymnals, or other accessories, they may also help you determine the best color choice.

Think, too, about the surroundings of your church. When congregants are walking from a green and leafy space into a church, their eyes will respond well to the complementary color, red. An urban church might prefer a bright color to contrast with the concrete outside.

Finally, be realistic about the upkeep. Our fabrics are designed to be easy to clean, but white or cream uphosltery will require a lot more time to keep it looking good than darker colors that won’t show soil as quickly.