If you’ve ever been to Vacation Bible School then you know all about the fun and excitement that comes with it. Learning or re-learning Bible stories in new and exciting ways, making friends, and showing off new skills. The children are ready, the parents, are ready, the teachers are ready–but are your church pews ready?

Church pews undergo plenty of wear and tear during the course of a year. There can be fraying, tears,  maybe even crumbs or spills during communion, and that’s just with normal usage!

Now image dozens of children with all the fervor and energy that comes with the excitement of summer and VBS, clambering and playing around on those same pews. No matter how attentive you are, there is always the chance that your church pews or furniture could be damaged in some way.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to make your pews child-resistant. You don’t need to go to the extreme and wrap them in plastic, but you can take some  sensible precautions.

Are your church pews washable? Can they be cleaned easily? If so, just plan on dedicating a little TLC to your pews after VBS.

If your pews aren’t washable or if they stain easily, think about using a Scotchguard spray or other fabric protection finish. Even tossing bright cloths or blankets over some of the front pews for the little kids can be made part of the fun.

To protect the wood on your church furniture consider applying or re-applying a protective finish that will resist dirt and grime.

While damaged church pews would be upsetting, they can be repaired. In the same way that you would prepare the pews to endure harm from eager children, you want to prepare the pews so that they don’t harm those same eager children.

Sharp corners and splintered wood can offer immediate harm to children. Consider restoring the wood that’s damaged and while you’re at it, round down the corners. Unless those corners are significant in some way,  rounding them out could be a nice way to mix things up for the congregation.

Call us for any repairs, modifications, or adjustments that your pews might need!