Dear Mama,

As any parent will know, keeping small children quiet and entertained during church services is no easy task. From trying to restrain your kiddos from crawling around, to chasing them as they play under the benches and are running around the benches, we’ve all been there before. It’s tiring, it’s annoying, and it’s definitely embarrassing, especially if it seems like you are disturbing everyone else from having a peaceful worship.

As parents ourselves, we know that sometimes, even getting to church services on time is a struggle. You have to find the Sunday shirt that somehow got misplaced after being set out the night before, or solve the case of the missing shoe that was just with its mate when you last turned around. Maybe your morning was just like mine, with sleeping in later than planned, skipping breakfast, and hoping your nylons don’t have a run in them as you are rushing to get out the door on time.

Some Sundays, you are probably questioning why you even bothered to load up the car with whining, noisy kids and rush into the chapel. It probably would have been easier to just let them stay home and play, so that others at church would be able to worship in peace. You might wonder why you exhaust your energy wrestling them onto a pew in the back corner, tossing snacks and silent activities to them, having your own prayer that they’ll be quiet for a few minutes at least.

You look tired, and I see the look of exasperation in your eyes.

Relax, dear mama! You are doing a great job! We’ve all been there before, so we understand how you are feeling. You are doing the right thing in bringing your little ones to church every Sunday. Even though they might complain, someday, they will remember the quiet moments shared with their family on the church pew in the back corner.

As I no longer have small children of my own, I have come to enjoy little whispers from small children, and even baby cries during church services. While you might not be getting a lot of the preacher’s sermon each week, you are teaching your young children a valuable lesson: Even though it might not be easy to pack everyone up and attend worship services, church is important, so you do it anyways. Every single week.

I admire you for bringing your children to Sunday services, I know it is not always easy. With crazy schedules and routines, Sunday service often disrupts a child’s schedule. I know you might prefer to stay home, but you get dressed and bring the children, because you know how important it is to attend. Sunday service is more than wrestling small children on a church pew, and straining your ears to hear the preacher. It is renewing your own faith, and it is instilling faith in your own children’s hearts.

While you might consider your pew commotion a distraction or an embarrassment, just know that you are bringing up the future of the church. You children will thank you someday for dragging them to church and teaching them the importance of Sunday worship. They will realize how much of a sacrifice it was, and forever be in awe that despite that, you did it anyway. So, chin up, dear mama! You’re doing great.



An older mama