Finding the right church chairs for sale that will be the perfect addition to your church doesn’t have to be a massive challenge. But understandably, you want to find the perfect chairs that will provide a comfortable seat, allowing your congregation to focus on your sermon and not trying to get comfortable in hard chairs. When shopping around for church chairs, there are a few important aspects that should be considered to ensure that you are getting the best chairs you can!

  • Flexible Seating Options: Most churches need seating options that provide them with flexibility that can’t be achieved from traditional church pews. Church chairs provide the ability to stack and store chairs when not in use, and link or unlink as needed to provide extra space. Chairs provide churches with the ability to widen the aisle as needed, and add extra seating when your congregation grows. Chairs also provide the ability to remove chairs and create a space for wheelchair seating among the congregation when needed.
  • Comfortable Seating: It is important to determine what type of seating is going to be necessary for your congregation. Linked church chairs create a sense of togetherness among the congregation, while still providing personal space for each individual worshiper. Older members of your congregation will have difficulty devoting their attention for the duration of the sermon if the seating is hard and uncomfortable. Ergonomic features built into the seating, including lumbar support and waterfall fronts can help to reduce pressure on the legs, ensuring that both young and old members of your congregation are comfortable for the duration of the service.
  • Aesthetics: The color, look, and feel of the chairs you select play a role in helping to set the overall tone of your church. Church chairs are available in a wide selection of colors, which can help in setting the mood and tone that you are looking for. Whatever color you elect to go with, be sure to select a fabric that is sturdy, stain-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Additional Features: Lastly, adding on pew-end, book rack, or book pocket can provide a way for you to store church literature, books and material for your congregation to use during the service without making your church look cluttered. If your chairs are going to be used for bible study or other aspects of your church, considering purchasing chairs that come with tablet arms, or posture-enhancing chairs. There is a chair out there that will give you the look, feel, and function that you are searching for.

At Born Again Pews we have a wide selection of church chairs for sale that are guaranteed to provide your church with the necessary seating for your unique congregation. Finding the right chair that is both comfortable and complements your space is easier than you might have thought. Not only will your church look great with the appropriate church chairs, your congregation will also thank you!