Church Chairs For Sale

At Born Again Pews we strive to sell the most affordable matching church chairs to accompany your new church pews. We have church chairs for sale at all times through our church furniture store. These church chairs can be used for choir areas or overflow for your congregation. The chairs are constructed of 18 gauge steel square tubing. Legs, back and carriage are 1” square mandrel bent tubing. Braces are 3/4” square tubes. Each 6 piece frame member is fillet welded in at least 2 places each end. Book racks are available and are 1/8” wire welded on 1 ¾” centers with holder for small sacramental glasses. Ganging clips of 1/4” gauge wire provides easy chair to chair attachment. The Upholstery is a backed, heavy Polyolefin fiber fully rolled and stapled on padded seat perimeter for durability. Polyolefin fabric is strong, color fast and resistant to stains. Seat padding is comprised of 2 3/4” virgin polyurethane base pad with a foam density of 1.6 lb/cf. Back padding is 1 ½” virgin polyurethane foam sculpted with 1 ¼” lumbar. Back cover is unpadded matching fabric. The church chairs for sale through Born Again Pews will offer years of life and service for your church or organization.

Born Again Pews offers a wide range of clergy chairs and church pews to suit your church needs and to coordinate with your other pulpit furniture. Choose finishes and upholstery colors to match your Born Again Pews pulpit and pews.

All pulpit chair sets include a 44″ tall side chair and a 48″ tall center chair. Born Again Pews chairs are available individually or in sets. Click pictures to see larger photos. Please also check out our catalog and gallery! Call us at 888-993-3539 to discuss any custom made church chairs that you may need.

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